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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.68 pp.299-314

Criticism, Deconstruction and Reconstruction in Double Reflection : Interpreting Chinese Writer Li Yan's “Daughters of the Red Land”

Pil Moon-Su*
부산대학교 중어중문학과


So far, the academic community has not reached a consensus on the naming and categorization of the creation of Chinese writers. It has generally been carried out around “World Chinese Literature”, “Sinophone Literature” and “Ethnic Chinese Literature”. This is because of the different academic positions of scholars and the different emphasis of the issue. This also reflects the importance of the creation of Ethnic Chinese writers and the significance of the study of Chinese writers. When dealing with the historical resources of revolution, their themes always cannot judge the right and wrong of history, and the entanglement of real life. The writing of suffering is basically centered around these themes. This explains to some extent the dilemma facing Chinese contemporary literature. Whether Chinese contemporary literature can get rid of this predicament. This study takes Chinese writer Li Yan's Chinese version of “Daughters of the Red Land” as the research object. Through textual perusal and psychoanalysis, cultural analysis and other methodologies, this paper analyzes the ideological level of the novel and analyzes how Li Yan reflects on the history of the country as a life. Many years of intellectuals in North America, she has thoughts about Western culture. Li Yan’s double reflection is full of criticism, deconstruction and reconstruction consciousness, and analyzes the meaning of this consciousness.

在双重反思中批判、解构与重建 ― 解读华人作家李彦的《红浮萍》

* 부산대학교 중어중문학과 강사 (


到目前为止学界对华人作家创作的命名及范畴界定还没有达成共识,大体围绕着“世界华文 文学”、“华语语系文学”、“华人文学”而展开,这主要是因为各学者的学术立场及看问题的侧 重点不同引起的,这也从侧面反映了华人作家创作的重要性以及华人作家作品研究的意义。现代汉 语思维的革命性和日常性,决定了中国当代作家对现实的极大兴趣,而在处理革命历史资源时,他 们的主题总是跳不出对于历史是非的判断,纠缠于现实生活的恩怨,对苦难的书写也基本上是围绕 着这些主题展开的。这从某种程度上说明了中国当代文学面临的困境。中国当代文学能否摆脱这一 困境,华人作家的文学创作就显得尤为重要。本文以华人作家李彦的中文版小说《红浮萍》为研究 对象,通过文本细读及精神分析、文化分析等方法论,探析小说的思想层面,分析李彦如何反思故 国历史,作为一个生活在北美多年的知识分子,她对西方文化又有着怎样的思考,李彦的这种双重 视域下的反思,充满了批判、解构与重建意识,试分析其对华人写作的意义。