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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.72 pp.21-43

Romance of the Three kingdoms's Narrative strategy

Yi Min-Kyoung
* 이 논문은 2019년 대한민국 교육부와 한국연구재단의 지원을 받아 수행된 연구임 (NRF-2019S 1A5B5A07106860)
** 동국대학교 경주캠퍼스 강사


In Romance of the Three kingdoms’s story, female characters make up a small proportion of the entire narrative. Female characters is part of a family member, only serves as a supporting role. If a female characters does not appear, it does not affect the narrative. Romance of the Three kingdoms’s author intentionally included female characters in the scene. How is the female figure used in Romance of the Three kingdoms? First, female characters of Romance of the Three kingdoms emphasizes the character of the main character. For example, The characters of the empress and concubines characters is used to expose rebellious subjects such as Cao Cao, Dong Zhuo. This novel’s author glorified Liu Bei though Liu An’s wife and Cao Song’s concubine. Second, female characters is utilizedas a yardstick for judging heroes. In Romance of the Three kingdoms, female character suggested the standard that a true hero is a person who can control a family by training his or her mind, not being close to a woman, succumbing to sexual desire, and being able to control his family. Finally, The female figure was used to clarify that the idea of loyalty is the most important ideology in the idea of Confucianism.

여성형상 분석을 통한 『三國演義』 서사전략 고찰

* 이 논문은 2019년 대한민국 교육부와 한국연구재단의 지원을 받아 수행된 연구임 (NRF-2019S 1A5B5A07106860)
** 동국대학교 경주캠퍼스 강사 (


본고는 『삼국연의』의 여성인물이 소설 속에서 어떻게 형상화 되었는지 살펴본 후, 여성 형상의 특징을 정리하였는데, 여성 등장인물은 자신만의 목소리나 감정을 발산하지 않고 개인적 욕망이 없는 것처럼 그려졌다. 『삼국연의』가 삭제해도 무방한 여성인물들을 ‘自我가 없는 존재’로 형상화한 것은 작가의 서사전략이다. 작가는 이들 여성인물들을 이용하여 중심인물들을 부각하고, 영웅을 판별하는 잣대로 이용했으며, ‘忠’이라는 이데올로기를 강화하기 위한 서사전략으로 활용하였다.