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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.72 pp.115-134

The Analysis of Semantic Extraction on the word class of “foot” in Chinese and Korean linguistics

Piao Hua-Yan,Han Yong-Su
* 本文曾在第20届ASIAN文化学会国际学术会议(2020.08.07.On-line)上宣读,会后略有修改和补充。
** 第一作者(제1저자):上海外国语大学博士后科研流动站、东方语学院朝鲜语系
*** 通讯作者(교신저자):东国大学-首尔 中文系教授


According to the theory of cognitive linguistics, the human body experience is the basis of human cognition of the world, the starting point of cognition and the tool of cognition. Feet refers to the lower part of the human body and some animals that touch the ground, and are important weight-bearing organs and movement organs of the human body. Chinese and Korean "foot" words are the core vocabulary in both Chinese and Korean languages. This article mainly studies simple words and compound words composed of Chinese and Korean “foot” morphemes, and divides their semantic image features into two types: “structural meaning” and “functional meaning”. “Structural meaning” refers to the synthesis of “shape, location, and composition”, and “functional meaning” refers to the grammatical functions of the body parts themselves, the semantic functions of human words, and part of speech functions. Through comparative analysis, the similarities and differences between them can be found, in order to provide effective and credible semantic examples and theoretical research basis for teaching Chinese as a foreign language, teaching Korean as a foreign language, Chinese-Korean human lexics, and Chinese-Korean bilingual translation.


* 本文曾在第20届ASIAN文化学会国际学术会议(2020.08.07.On-line)上宣读,会后略有修改和补充。
** 第一作者(제1저자):上海外国语大学博士后科研流动站、东方语学院朝鲜语系 (
*** 通讯作者(교신저자):东国大学-首尔 中文系教授 (


按照认知语言学的理论,人类自身的身体经验是人类认知世界的基础,是认知的出发 点,也是认知的工具。脚,是指人和某些动物身体最下部接触地面的部分,是人体重要的 负重器官和运动器官。汉韩“足”类词在中韩两国语言中均属核心词汇。 本文主要研究由汉韩“足”类词语素构成的单纯词和合成词,将其语义取象特征分为 “结构义”和“功能义”两种类型。“结构义”指“形貌、位置、构成”的综合,“功能 义”指人体部位自身的使用功能,人体词的语义功能、词性功能等语法功能。通过对比分 析得出它们之间的共性与差异,以期为对外汉语教学、对外韩国语教学、汉韩人体词汇 学、汉韩双语翻译学领域提供有效、可信的语义例证及理论性研究依据。