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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.72 pp.357-371

Construction of China Pilot Free Trade Zone and Search for a New Field of China-Korea Economic Cooperation

Quan Jin-Liang,Oh Hye-Jung
* 제1저자, 中国商务部国际贸易经济合作研究院 研究员
** 교신저자, 부산외국어대학교 중국학부 중국지역통상전공 조교수


China Pilot Free Trade Zone is a "policy practice zone," and China has already established 18 pilot FTZs since the approval of Shanghai Pilot FTZ in Sept. 2013. Pilot FTZs have become high grounds for Chinese economic reform through 'optimization of business environment', 'facilitation of investment & trade', and 'policy innovation in various fields such as financial services and real economy.' Construction of pilot FTZ has aggressively extended national strategies such as active service, construction of "One Belt, One Road" Initiative, cooperative development of Jingjinji Metropolitan region (Beijin-Tianjin-Hebei), integrated development of Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, and revitalization of northeast China, etc. as well as collaboration with surrounding nations. Recent entry of new stage of China-Korea relations has great potential of complementary cooperation. As a "policy practice zone" of Chinese economic reform, Pilot FTZs have arranged business environment facilitated with legislation and internationalization, regulation system suitable for international trade-investment rules, and open financial environment through system innovation & reform in various fields such as investment, trade, and finance, etc. This is giving a new motivation for higher level and broadened area of China-Korea economic relations.


* 제1저자, 中国商务部国际贸易经济合作研究院 研究员 (
** 교신저자, 부산외국어대학교 중국학부 중국지역통상전공 조교수 (


自贸试验区作为中国改革开放的“制度试验田”,从2013年9月上海自贸试验区挂牌 成立以来,中国已经设立了18个自贸试验区。自贸试验区通过优化营商环境、投资贸易便 利化及金融服务实体经济等多领域的制度创新,已成为中国改革开放的新高地。自贸试验 区建设不仅主动服务和融入‘一带一路’建设、京津冀协同发展、长三角一体化发展、东 北振兴等国家战略,还积极扩展与周边国家的合作。近年来,中韩关系进入新阶段,互补 性合作潜力巨大。自贸试验区作为中国改革开放的“制度试验田”,将通过对投资、贸 易、金融等多领域的制度创新和改革,构建法制化、国际化、便利化的营商环境和国际贸 易投资规则相适应的规则体系和开放的金融环境,为提升中韩经贸关系水平、拓宽合作领 域注入新动能。