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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.85 pp.87-106

A Study on the Contrast of Korean-Chinese Ergative Verbs Based on Typology

Li Ji-Lian**, Huang Lian-Hua***
** 이길연, 제1저자, 창신대학교 중국비즈니스학과 부교수 (
*** 황련화, 교신저자, 中国南京晓庄学院 汉语国际教育학과 조교수 (


This paper studied the ergative verbs in most typical ergative absolutive languages and accusative languages based on typological research. We clarified the criteria, types, characteristics of ergative verbs, absolutive verbs, unergative verbs, unaccusative verbs in Korean and Chinese language and reviewed the definition and subcategories of ergative verbs, and proposed the differences from other verbs and related sentences, such as middle construction, causative sentences, passive sentences. Firstly, while Korean ergative constructions are limited to some ergative verbs, Chinese has a large number of ergative verbs which mainly focusing on verb-complement construction. Secondly, the level of development of ergative structures significantly influences both the markedness of subjects and agents in Korean and Chinese, as well as the grammaticalization level of middle, causative, and passive constructions. Thirdly, Korean middle constructions are confined to some transitive and ergative verbs which generated in the process of semantic extension, whereas in Chinese, middle constructions manifest diversely through the combination of different verbs. Lastly, in terms of the grammaticalization and development of causative and passive constructions, Korean exhibits specific markers, which used conditionally in Chinese.

유형론 기반 한·중 능격동사 대조 연구

이길연**, 황련화***
** 이길연, 제1저자, 창신대학교 중국비즈니스학과 부교수 (
*** 황련화, 교신저자, 中国南京晓庄学院 汉语国际教育학과 조교수 (


본고에서는 유형론 연구에 기반하여 가장 전형적인 ‘능격-절대격’ 언어에서 능격동 사가 어떻게 실현되는지 살펴보았고 한·중 능격동사의 판단기준, 유형, 특징을 알아 보았다. 아울러 능격동사와 비슷한 개념인 절대격동사, 비능격동사, 비대격동사들의 정의와 하위분류들을 살펴보고 능격동사와의 차이점을 제시하였다. 그리고 한·중 능 격구문의 실현양상을 제시하고 그 통사적 특징을 분석하였으며 능격구문과 관련된 중간구문, 사동구문, 피동구문의 실현양상, 판단기준, 발전과정을 살펴보았다.