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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.85 pp.125-145

A Study on the Word Association of Chinese Learners and Educational Suggestions

Shim Ji-Un**
** 심지언, 부산외국어대학교 중국학부 조교수 (


This paper conducted a survey on word associations for Chinese learners to examine the cognitive characteristics of college students in their 20s and apply them to vocabulary education methods. 50 learners with different levels of Chinese were presented with 10 nouns, 10 verbs, and 10 adjectives, and they were asked to write 5 words each that were associated with them. This result was classified into a series relationship and a combination relationship for vocabulary learning. As society changes, it can be seen that the results of some words are changing from their previous perceptions. These days, college students in their 20s, who value personal life and experience, have found that some abstract words have a wide variety of reaction words. In particular, in the case of the adjective 'red', it was found that many words that did not appear in the previous survey appeared. The most common types of reaction words for nouns ‘book’ and ‘movie’ were 130 and 112, the most common were 170 for the verb ‘like’ nd 146 for the adjective ‘pleasure’. Based on the survey results, a vocabulary education method that can be applied to beginners was proposed. Existing mind maps were applied, word association relay speaking, word bingo games, and thought-matching games were proposed. Repeated exposure through textbooks is also important in vocabulary education, but in the native language environment, textbooks are based, but it will be effective for learning to find and get to know the words learners want to know on their own.

중국어 학습자의 단어 연상과 교육적 활용

** 심지언, 부산외국어대학교 중국학부 조교수 (


본고는 중국어 학습자를 대상으로 30개의 단어 연상에 대한 설문조사를 실시하여, 20대 대학생의 인지적인 측면의 특징을 살펴보고, 어휘 교육 방법에 적용하고자 하 였다. 사회가 변하면서 일부 단어 연상의 결과가 예전의 인식과 달라지고 있다는 것 을 알 수 있었다. 일부 추상적인 단어에서는 반응어 종류가 매우 다양한 것으로 나 타났다. 특히 형용사 ‘빨갛다’의 경우 예전의 설문조사에서는 출현하지 않았던 단어 들이 많이 출현한 것을 알 수 있었다. 반응어 종류가 가장 많은 것은 품사별로 명사 ‘책’과 ‘영화’, 동사 ‘좋아하다’, 형용사 ‘기쁘다’로 나타났다. 조사 결과를 토대로 적용 할 수 있는 어휘 교육 방법을 제안하였다.