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ISSN : 1229-9618(Print)
ISSN : 2671-7506(Online)
Chinese Studies Vol.86 pp.397-416

The Research on the Development of Intangible Cultural Heritage Tourism Based on Sustainable Livelihood : The Case of Yangjiabu Folk Art Garden and Red Sorghum Movie City

Zhan Xue-Fang**, Shi Mei-Yu***, Lee Myeong-Ae****
** 詹雪芳,第一作者,北京联合大学旅游学院硕士研究生(
*** 石美玉,通讯作者,北京联合大学旅游学院教授(
**** 李明爱,通讯作者,昌信大学中国商务系助教授(


The sustainable development of livelihood is of great significance to improve the livelihood of farmers. It‘s necessary to broaden farmers’ livelihood strategy choices. Intangible cultural heritage tourism diversifies livelihoods and improves stability of farmers‘ lives. Taking Yangjiabu Folk Art Park and Red Sorghum Movie City as research objects, this study uses sustainable livelihood analysis framework, in-depth interviews, and participatory observation methods to explore the impact of intangible cultural heritage tourism on sustainable livelihoods, providing reference for rural development in need of enriching livelihood strategies. The research finds that different paths of intangible cultural heritage tourism lead to different accumulation of livelihood capital. Therefore, when planning and developing intangible cultural heritage tourism, rural areas should solve the shortage of livelihood capital brought by different types of development paths, promoting sustainable development of intangible cultural heritage tourism and farmers’ livelihoods. Secondly, in the process of rural development of intangible cultural heritage tourism, there is a mutual transformation and substitution, mutual influence and restriction relationship between different livelihood capital. Rural development of intangible cultural heritage tourism needs to consider the relationship between various livelihood capital, ensuring they can promote each other and coordinate development.

詹雪芳**, 石美玉***, 李明爱****
** 詹雪芳,第一作者,北京联合大学旅游学院硕士研究生(
*** 石美玉,通讯作者,北京联合大学旅游学院教授(
**** 李明爱,通讯作者,昌信大学中国商务系助教授(